Euro Cup in Bernay (France)

Saturday June 1st 2019 it is time for the Euro Cup event in Bernay. The startinglists for the three classes Euro Cup classes Light Modifieds, Superstocks and the Heavy Modifieds are attached to this post.bernay2019-1

Euro Challenge Calendar 2019

The Euro Challenge calendar for the Supersport classes this season:   – 15-16 June 2019, Made (NL), Supersport 3.6 t and Supersport 4.5 t – 29 June 2019, Målilla (S), Supersport 3.6 t – 20 July 2019, Sønder Hygum (DK), Supersport 3.6 t and Supersport 4.5 t – 15 September 2019, Kalkar (D), Supersport 4.5..

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New Qualification and Pull Off rule

Clarification of Qualification and PO Rule May 2019 In this attachment you can find a clarification of the new Qualification and Pull Off rule. This is for clarification only as some questions have been asked about it.