Registration Forms 2023

Eurocup subscribers please return the Registration together with the Statement of release document to your National Organisation!

2023 Mitas Eurocup Series calendar

The 2023 Mitas Eurocup Series calendar as we currently have it confirmed as far as dates/events/classes is on our website.

All classes apart from Prostock have at least 3 rounds confirmed so will be run, currently we are not in a position to offer the Prostock class as part of the Eurocup Series for 2023.

We are still working with promoters and national organisations to try and confirm further rounds for Prostock and also to add to the Farmstock events a.s.a.p.

Also included in the calendar is the date of the EC2023 Brande which will take place over Friday 8th and Saturday 9th September 2023.


ETPC Rulebook changes for 2023

A new rulebook for 2023 will not be printed, the supplement on our website (Tech & Safety) can be used in conjunction with the current 2022 Rulebook which is also on this ETPC website.