ETPC Rulebook changes for 2023

A new rulebook for 2023 will not be printed, the supplement on our website (Tech & Safety) can be used in conjunction with the current 2022 Rulebook which is also on this ETPC website.

Updated Limited Superstock (LSS) Rules

The initial ETPC rules for this new class were set in 2020 and with the rapid development of
the class and increase in tractor numbers it was felt necessary to update the rules

Following a review by the LSS working group the rules have now been updated and will be
implemented for the 2023 season. We strongly recommend that member organisations
with separate national rules update the areas impacted by these updates to ensure
continued pan European competitions with one unified set of rules.

ETPC Rulebook 2022

ETPC Rulebook 2022 is also digital on this website. You can find it on the Tech & Safety-page.

Mitas – official sponsor of the ETPC

Mitas – official sponsor of the ETPC

Cancellation of European Championships 2020 Laukaa, Finland

Further to the recent announcement about the cancellation of the Eurocup and Eurochallenge series for 2020 we also have to now inform you of the cancellation of the planned European Championships at Laukaa, Finland.
The ETPC fully supports the decision of the promoter to cancel the event for 2020 under the current circumstances. This decision has not been taken lightly and we understand that it will be a disappointment to all involved and to our sport in general but feel with all the different elements taken in to consideration it is the responsible thing to do.
Also as stated before we hope that there will be a possibility for some National events to continue that are planned for later on in the summer but at the moment this is still not clear.
In the meantime we wish that you and your families continue to keep safe.

Cancelled series 2020

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel both the Eurocup and Eurochallenge series for 2020. 50% of the events have already been cancelled due to the Covid-19 restrictions leaving very few rounds for each class. This situation will unfortunately not improve for many more weeks across Europe which we feel will not allow a fair and credible competition where all countries and teams are able to compete in this year. We will return in 2021 with these competitions and hope that you all stay safe and well until then.

Event Füchtorf (D) Cancelled

Event Füchtorf (D) Cancelled

Unfortunally the Tractor Pulling event sceduled last weekend of April 2020 is Cancelled.

For more information (also in English) check the website of the Green Monster team :

ETPC continues to work with our Promoters and the Authorities regarding the COVID-19 (Corona-virus) situation and will update you further as appropriate when we know any more.